Electoral Area C

Current Rezoning Proposals

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary

Current Temporay Use Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
C2022.018-TUP Lisa Woods  8026 Highway 97 To permit an accessory dwelling in the form of a recreational vehicle 

Current Development Variance Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressPurpose
C2022.026-DVP Surinder Mann  577 Road 2 

To increase the maximum parcel coverage from 10% to 15.96% to allow for the expansion of a farm product processing and packaging warehouse.

C2022.032-DVP RDOS 500 Secrest Hill Rd To reduce the required number of urinals from 3 to 1, and reduce the requirement for a washer and dryer from one for each 30 campsites to none.  
C2022.046-DVP Antoine Caron   5638 Highway 97 To reduce the front and interior side setbacks to facilitate construction of a new garage. 

Current Retail Cannabis Store Applications

Project No. Proponent Address Purpose Documents


Completed Rezoning Proposals

Project No.Zoning Bylaw No.OCP Bylaw No.AddressSummary
C2016.021-ZONE 2453.28, 2015 -

8350-8360 Gallagher

Lake Frontage Road

Allow development of self-storage units

C2016.066-ZONE 2453.29, 2016 -

8472 Gallagher
Lake Frontage Road

Allow for expansion of manufactured home park.
C2016.082-ZONE 2453.30, 2016 2452.16, 2016

Gallagher Lake

Introduction of Gallagher Lake Area Plan
C2017.057-ZONE - 2452.17, 2017 N/A Update of Protection of Farming Development Permit Area designation
C2017.095-ZONE 2453.31, 2017 2452.18, 2017 8127 River Road Early Termination of Land Use Contract
C2017.099-ZONE 2453.32, 2017 - 8332 Gallagher Lake Road

To allow for the development of

self-storage (mini-storage) unit

C2017.128-ZONE 2453.33, 2017 2452.19, 2017 5580 Elderberry Street To allow for the creation of a 1.0 ha parcel (boundary adjustment)
C2017.154-ZONE 2453.34 - 5627 Cactus Street To allow for a "commercial card-lock facility" (fuel sales). WITHDRAWN
C2018.202-ZONE 2453.35 - 5530 Primrose Lane To allow an accessory dwelling with a floor area of 170 m2 (approx.)
C2019.004-ZONE 2453.36, 2019 2452.21, 2019 793 Secrest Hill Road To rezone property to Agriculture One (AG1) to allow for a winery.
C2019.014-ZONE 2453.37, 2019 2452.22, 2019 730 Golden Currant Road To rezone property to allow a lot line adjustment subdivision between two parcels.
C2020.010-ZONE  2453.38, 2020  - 500 Secrest Hill Road  To formalise an existing campground use
C2022.009-ZONE  2800.14, 2022  - 479 Johnson Crescent   To increase the maximum number of livestock from 2 to 8 (Refused).
C2022.010-ZONE  2800.15, 2022  - 4120 Black Sage Road  To allow for an accessory dwelling with a floor area of greater than 125 m2 

Completed Development Variance Permit (DVP) Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
C2021.019-DVP Piotr Lopinski  337 Road 11, Oliver To vary the minimum front parcel line setback for an accessory building from 7.5 metres to 2.4 metres
C2021.033-DVP Jeff & Sharon Crowley 7335 Tucelnuit Drive  To vary the interior side parcel line setback for an accessory structure. 
C2021.037-DVP Darcy & Vivian Griffith 5481 Sawmill Road  To reduce interior setback from 1 m to 0.06 m for shipping containers as fence line.
C2021.048-DVP  Ron Cannan 1888 Willowbrook Road To reduce the minimum interior side setback from 4.5 metres to 2.78 metres.
C2021.060-DVP Kyle Nielsen  7621 Highway 97  To waive the requirement for a structure to have a base consisting entirely of soil.
C2022.006-DVP Jordan Sitar  364 Orchard Grove Lane  To reduce the front setback from 7.5 to 2.5 m to replace a dangerous carport.

Completed Temporary Use Permits

Project No.ProponentAddressSummaryPermit Expiry
C2017.098-TUP Avro Oil Limited 
(Terry Feeny)
8332 Gallagher Lake Frontage Road To allow for the outdoor storage of recreational vehicles. N/A (Withdrawn)
C2019-002-TUP John Ferreira 7315 Tuc-el-Nuit Drive To allow for the short-term tourist rental of 2 dwelling units. July 18, 2022
C2019.012-TUP  Dana Nielsen 166 Sundial Road Renewal of an existing TUP for a vacation rental use. December 31, 2022
C2021.001-TUP  Andrew Peller Ltd
(Patricia Leslie)
553 Tinhorn Creek Road Renewal of existing permit for a vacation rental use. December 31, 2023
C2021.002-TUP  Andrew Peller Ltd
(Patricia Leslie)
4230 Black Sage Road Renewal of existing permit for a vacation rental use. December 31, 2023
C2021.003-TUP Swaranjit Chahal 430 Pinhill Road Temporary Farm Labour Housing. March 31, 2024
C2021.010-TUP Laraina Rossion  594 Green Lake Road  To allow a short-term tourist rental use N/A (File Closed)
C2021.013-TUP Chris Van Hooydonk 3692 Fruitvale Way To allow an "eating and drinking establishment" use N/A (Withdrawn)
C2021.014-TUP  S. Mann & M. Mann 376 Road 6 To allow for a "Temporary Farm Labour Housing" use October 31, 2024
C2021.015-TUP Kane Morgan  4444 Goldenmile Drive  To allow a short-term tourist rental use N/A (Withdrawn)
C2022.006-TUP Sandra Bull 503 Wilson Mtn Road To allow a short-term tourist rental use December 31, 2022
C2022.007-TUP Layne Klassen 211 Road 18 To allow an industrial worker accommodation unit for farm labour use June 2, 2025
C2022.008-TUP Jim & Traci Perkins 5607 Cactus Street To allow a short-term tourist rental use December 31, 2023