Electoral Area "D"

Current Rezoning Proposals


Project No.ProponentAddressPurpose
D2021.015-ZONE  Charlie Brooks  5356 8th Avenue  Rezone from Campground Commercial (CT2) to Okanagan Falls Town Centre (OFTC) to facilitate the development of two four-story apartment buildings with 24 units in each.

Current Development Variance Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressPurpose
D2023.013-DVP Phipps & Brooks 167 Highland Drive To reduce the interior side setbacks
D2023.015-DVP Allen Misson 577 Hody Drive To reduce the rear setback for a principal dwelling to facilitate a subdivision

Current Board of Variance Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressPurpose

Current Temporay Use Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
D2023.027-TUP Grant Temple 3136 Vaseux Lake Crescent Renewal of an existing vacation rental TUP

Current Retail Cannabis Store Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressPurpose

Completed Rezoning Proposals

Project No.Zoning Bylaw No.OCP Bylaw No.AddressSummary
D2014.135-ZONE - 2603.02, 2019 N/A Hillside Development Permit Area Update
D2015.128-ZONE 2455.23, 2016 2603.07, 2016 District Lot 461, SDYD
(near Skaha Estates)
Rezone from LH to AG1 to allow 1-lot subdivision
D2016.002-ZONE 2455.24, 2016 2603.08, 2016 (various) Update of Commercial Zones
D2016.019-ZONE 2455.25, 2016 - 130 Apple Court, Heritage Hills Discharge of Land Use Contract
D2016.106-ZONE 2455.26 2603.08 1830 Alba Road, OK Falls Rezone from C7 to RS3 to allow a 66 lot subdivision (WITHDRAWN)
D2017.014-ZONE 2455.27, 2017 2603.10, 2017 170 Sunnybrook Drive Rezone from SH5s to RS1 to allow for a 3-lot subdivision.
D2017.062-ZONE 2455.28, 2017 - 2027 Carmi Avenue Allow a "kennel" as a permitted accessory use in SH1 Zone
D2017.090-ZONE 2455.29, 2017 - 4820 9th Avenue, OK Falls Rezone from C3 to RS3 to allow residential development.
D2017.148-ZONE 2455.31, 2017 - 2128 Beaverdell Road To facilitate a 3 lot subdivision
D2018.013-ZONE 2455.32, 2019 2603.18, 2019 781 Highway 97 To replace Land Use Contract No. LU-12-D-76 with an Small Holdings Four (SH4) Zone
D2018.028-ZONE 2455.33, 2018 - 102 Saliken Drive To allow for an accessory dwelling (i.e. "carriage house).
D2018.041-ZONE 2455.34, 2018 - 4844 & 4849 Bassett Avenue To allow for the development duplexes.
D2018.044-ZONE 2455.35, 2018 - 1752 Alba Road, OK Falls To allow a second kitchen in a principal dwelling unit.
D2018.052-ZONE 2455.36, 2018 - 737 Main Street, OK Falls To restore a duplex zoning to the subject property
D2018.066-ZONE 2455.37, 2018 2603.14, 2018 4850 Weyerhaeuser Road To allow for an approximately 50 site Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park. WITHDRAWN
D2019.001-ZONE 2455.40, 2019 2603.17, 2019 176 Chadwell Place, Heritage Hills To amend the zoning of the parcel to Parks & Recreation (PR). WITHDRAWN
D2019.006-ZONE 2455.41, 2019 2603.19, 2019 1612 Highway 97 To formalise existing service commercial business
D2020.015-ZONE 2455.43, 2020 - 5081 8th Avenue, OK Falls To allow for 30 unit multi-family residential building
D2020.016-ZONE  2455.44, 2021 - 1655 Maple Street, Okanagan Falls To rezong from I2 to General Industrial Site Specific (I1s), with the site specific regulation permitting "agriculture" / "greenhouse" as a principal use.
D2021.001-ZONE  2455.45, 2021 - 850 Railway Lane To convert existing commercial space to 5 residential units.
D2021.016-ZONE 2455.47, 2021 2603.21, 2021 4899 Eastside Road  To amend the zoning to allow for a donation of land to a conservation organization. 
D2021.019-ZONE  2455.49  2603.22 1830 Alba Road To permit mini storage and outdoor storage on the property (WITHDRAWN).
D2021.021-ZONE  2800.08, 2022 - 501 Eastside Road  To permit a single family dwelling

Completed Temporary Use Permits

Project No.ProponentAddressSummaryPermit Expiry
D2018.054-TUP Greyback Construction Limited 5080 9th Avenue, Okanagan Falls To allow for residential use of ground floor units in the Okanagan Falls Town Centre (C3) Zone June 7, 2021
D2021.004-TUP  Geoffrey Orr  2183 Carmi Road  Short-term tourist rental use of 3 cabins in B&B operation  January 31, 2024
D2021.005-TUP  Terry & Donna-May Scramstad 128 Saliken Drive To allow for a "vacation rental" use December 31, 2022
D2021.009-TUP Dmytro & Marina Vinnik 152 Christie Mountain Lane To allow for a "vacation rental" use (WITHDRAWN)
D2022.005-TUP  Grant Temple 3136 Vaseux Lake Crescent  To allow for a "vacation rental" use (DENIED)
D2022.012-TUP  Kelly Sparrow  476 Hody Drive  To allow a vacation rental and two suites  (WITHDRAWN)
Andy & Lisa McEachern  2149 Carmi Road To allow 2 accessory dwellings units to be used for vacation rental uses (WITHDRAWN)
D2022.015-TUP Grant Temple  3136 Vaseux Lake Crescent  To allow for a "vacation rental" use December 31, 2023
D2022.016-TUP Lars Elkjar 2155 Carmi Road To renew the existing vacation rental in an accessory building  December 31, 2025
D2022.020-TUP  Noble West Real Estate Ventures Ltd. 2238 Sun Valley Way  To allow for a "vacation rental" use  December 31, 2023 
D2023.005-TUP   Daniel & Brenda Veller  946 Main Street   To allow a "storage and warehouse" use  April 6, 2026
D2023.006-TUP  Jason Sinclair  413 Hody Drive  To allow for a vacation rental use  (DENIED)
D2023.008-TUP   Carly McClelland  4633 Peach Crescent   To allow for a vacation rental use  December 31, 2023
D2023.012-TUP  Chris Schoenne 5032 Seventh Avenue To allow five (5) RV stalls   July 6, 2026

Completed Development Variance Permit (DVP) Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
D2021.015-DVP Michael Rupert 1205 Maple Street  To vary the minimum front parcel line setback from 7.5 metres to 2.25 metres to formalize an accessory dwelling
D2021.017-DVP  Lucia Merino  5204 9th Avenue  To vary the parcel line (adjacent to Hwy 97) setback from 4.5 m to 0.0 m;
To vary required vehicle parking spaces from 1.75 per dwelling unit to 1 per dwelling unit; and
To allow back lane to be used as a turn-around space
D2021.030-DVP  Rocky Armstrong  425 Matheson Road To vary the minimum front strata lot line setback from 4.5 m to 0.0 m 
D2021.032-DVP Steve Toporowski 420 Panorama Crescent  To vary the front parcel line setback 7.5 m to 0.0 m to the outermost projection in order to construct a garage.
D2021.034-DVP  Gary Carpendale 136 Chadwell Place  To vary the front parcel line setback 7.5 m to 3.9 m to construct a single detached dwelling.
D2021.040-DVP C21R Projects Ltd 3500 Highway 97  To replace existing sign with oversized sign for Ramification Cellars.
D2021.047-DVP Garth Robinson 4705 Mimac Court  To vary the front parcel line setback from 7.5 metres to 6.45 metres to allow for a dwelling addition.
D2021.050-DVP Jodi Charley 1133 Ash Street  To construct a detached garage within the rear and interior side setbacks.
D2021.051-DVP Judith & Doug Cowe  4629 Peach Cres  To reduce the minimum interior side parcel line setback from 1.5 metres to 0.24 metres.
D2021.053-DVP Brad Elenko (McElhanny) 5133 Seventh Avenue To waive the requirement to extend a sewer main as a condition of subdivision.
D2021.061-DVP Kandis Lipsett  128 Kent Place  To reduce the front parcel line setback from 7.5 m to 3.75 m.
D2022.005-DVP Doug Reeve 5013 11th Avenue

To reduce the minimum interior side parcel line setback from 4.5 metres to 2.0 metres;
To reduce the rear parcel line setback from 7.5 metres to 6.0 metres; and
To increase the maximum allowed parcel coverage from 40% to 58%.

D2022.008-DVP Johnsen & Makwich  3010 Carmi Road  To allow a deck on an accessory building.
D2022.011-DVP Battiston & Zucht 449 Hody Drive  To reduce the front and rear setbacks for a principle dwelling.
D2022.025-DVP Steve Toporowski  420 Panorama Crescent  To reduce front parcel line setback 7.5 m to 0.0 m in order to construct a garage.
D2022.056-DVP   Harmony Coordination Services   188 Eastside Road   To increase the maximum height of an accessory building to facilitate a new garage. 
D2023.001-DVP  John Saliken  960 Cedar St  To reduce the setback from the parcel line adjacent to Highway 97 in order to construct 32 townhouse units.  
D2023.003-DVP Daniel & Christy Bibby 2735 Green Lake Road To allow agri-tourism accommodation sleeping units to be constructed in separate buildings 
D2023.018-DVP  Ted Battiston & Marla Zucht 449 Hody Drive To vary the front and rear parcel line setbacks to accomodate a new single detached dwelling 

Completed Retail Cannabis Store Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
ERBN Green Cannabis 936-946 Main Street, Okanagan Falls  Non-medical cannabis retail store licence 
D2022.013-LCRB Esha Randhawa  #5–5350 Highway 97  To relocate a non-medical cannabis retail store license

Completed Board of Variance (BoV) Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
D2022.001-BOV Hubbard. Matt & Parker, Sharon 928 Main Street To undertake alterations to a legally non-conforming structure