Wildfire DP Area Exploration Project

The 2020 Corporate Business Plan included a Key Performance Indicator to “Explore the development of an Area “A” Wildfire Permit Area”, and on June 4, 2020, a contract was awarded to B.A. Blackwell & Associates to undertake the project, which was funded by a provincial grant.  

On August 6, 2020, the Planning and Development Committee considered a staff report outlining the anticipated scope and deliverables of the exploration project. Hazard mapping and Wildfire Hazard Development Permit Area Guidelines were drafted for potential inclusion into RDOS Electoral Area Official Community Plan bylaws.

Following several months of staff analysis of the consultant’s work, the exploration project was concluded with numerous concerns about the cost and ineffectiveness of implementing a Wildfire Hazard Development Permit Area. Administration presented a report to the RDOS Planning and Development Committee on March 18, 2021 outlining those concerns, and the Committee approved the following motion:   

  • THAT amendments to the Electoral Area Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaws to introduce a Wildfire Development Permit Area designation not be initiated;
  • THAT the Regional District support increased awareness of FireSmart principals and practices through ongoing FireSmart education and programming; and
  • THAT the Regional District submit a resolution to the Southern Interior Local Government Association (SILGA) requesting the province to investigate changes to the BC Building Code to align with FireSmart.

As such, a Wildfire Development Permit Area will not be pursued any further by the Regional District at this time.

Amendment Bylaw Status

Draft DocumentsRegional District Board Consideration

Draft Amendment Bylaw:



Planning & Development Committee

Administrative Report

Minutes (2021-03-18)


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Wildland Urban Interface Risk Class Maps developed by the Province (covers all the RDOS). 

RDOS Community Wildfire Protection Plan covers all the RDOS, is currently being updated under CRI funding as a separate project and will be made available to the consultant team.

Electoral Area “A” Official Community Plan (2008) is currently undergoing a review process, and draft 2020 OCP as materials will become available as the project progresses. 

Building Climate Resilience in the Okanagan (A Homeowner’s Resource Guide), RDOS & Real Estate Foundation of BC.

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