Advisory Planning Commission

The role of an Advisory Planning Commission (APC) is to provide input on matters relating to land use planning and management at the local government level.  That input is given as advice, and does not form policy or set direction for the local government.  At RDOS, electoral area directors may choose to establish an APC within their jurisdiction.  An APC is not mandatory.

APCs play an important role in the planning and land use management process by making recommendations to the RDOS from an independent body composed of local residents.

APC members must be appointed by the Board and while there is no established protocol for recruiting members, most Directors seek to have members that generally represent the diversity of their community.  At least 2/3 of the members must be residents of the Electoral Area.  A Board Director, employee or officer of the RDOS is not eligible to be a member; however, they may attend meetings in a resource capacity.

Advisory Planning Commission Guide (2022)

APC Bylaw No. 2339, 2006

RDOS Board Policy - Advisory Planning Commissions

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