Subdivision Servicing Bylaw Review

The Regional District has initiated a review of it Subdivision Servicing Bylaw No. 2000, 2002, in order to ensure that the bylaw contains up-to-date servicing standards, is current with engineering best practices and is easy to understand.

Under Section 506 of the Local Government Act, a local government, such as the Regional District, may adopt a bylaw to set minimum development standards that will apply to the construction of buildings (at the building permit stage) or the subdivision of land.  This can include, amongst other things, the following:

  • street lighting;
  • underground wiring;
  • water distribution system;
  • fire hydrant system;
  • sewage collection system; and
  • sewage disposal system.

It is important for the Regional District to prescribe standards, particularly where the Regional District is the operator of infrastructure and is responsible for future maintenance and operation and, therefore, has an interest in how infrastructure is originally built.

Bylaw Status

Draft DocumentsConsultationRegional District Board Consideration

Draft Bylaws:

Draft Bylaw No. 2900 
(version 2024-01-23)


Draft Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 3061

(version 2024-01-25)


Other Documents:

Subdivision Servicing Bylaw
No. 2000, 2002
Schedule 'A'

Schedule 'B'
Appendix 'A'
Appendix 'C'

Public Hearing (Bylaw No. 3061):

Date: February 22, 2024

Time: 9:00 a.m.

Location: 101 Martin St, Penticton, BC 

Phone/Online Location: 

Notice of Hearing


Public Information Meeting:

Date: January 16, 2024

Time: 7:00 p.m.


Notice of Meeting



Planning & Development Committee:

Manufactured Home Park and Campground Regulations Bylaws (Bylaw No. 3061):

Administrative Report - Manufactured Home Park Regulations Bylaw

Administrative Report - Campground Regulations Bylaw 

PowerPoint Presentation

Minutes (2023-10-19)


Subdivision Servicing Bylaw (Bylaw No. 2900):

Administrative Report

Draft Bylaw No. 2900 (version 2023-12-07)

PowerPoint Presentation

Minutes (2023-12-07)


Bylaw Introduction (1st & 2nd reading):

Administrative Report

Bylaw No. 2900

Bylaw No. 3061


Minutes (2024-02-08)


Public Hearing:

Public Hearing Report - Bylaw No. 3061 (2024-02-22)



3rd reading:

Administrative Report

Bylaw No. 2900

Bylaw No. 3061


Minutes (2024-02-22)



Administrative Report

Bylaw No. 2900

Bylaw No. 3061

Minutes (2024-03-07)

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