Regal Ridge Site Specific Zone Review


As part of the proposed consolidation of the Okanagan Electoral Area Zoning Bylaws, the Regional District has undertaken a review of the various site specific zoning regulations that apply to properties at Anarchist Mountain in Electoral Area "A" (also known as "Regal Ridge"). 

As a result, it is being proposed to delete these site specific zoning regulations from the Electoral Area "A" Zoning Bylaw No. 2451, 2008, and not carry them forward into the draft South Okanagan zoning bylaw.

Zone Transition

Many of the site specific zoning regulations that are being proposed for deletion from the zoning bylaw were introduced during the subdivision of the "Regal Ridge" development between 2004-2008. 

In the intervening years, the Regional District has updated the regulations in the Electoral Area "A" Zoning Bylaws as they relate to "hooked parcels", the keeping of livestock and minimum parcel size in the Small Holdings Three (SH3) Zone (in response to the introduction of the "1.0 Policy" for the subdivision of un-serviced parcels in 2007-08), and the Conservation Area (CA) Zone (as part of the update of environmentally sensitive development permit areas completed in 2017).

As a result, many of the site specific zoning regulations that apply to parcels at "Regal Ridge" have now become redundant or are no longer seen to be reflective of current Regional District Board land use policies and objectives.

Below (see "Draft Documents") is the draft version of Amendment Bylaws No. 2451.23 (version 2018-02-14), as well as some comparison tables showing proposed changes.  Affected property owners are encouraged to contact Regional District staff to discuss further.

Amendment Bylaw Status - Adopted June 7, 2018

DocumentsPublic ConsultationRegional District Board Consideration

Draft Amendment Bylaw No. 2451.23
(version 2018-04-06)


Zoning Bylaw No. 2451, 2008


SH2s Zone vs. SH3 Zone Comparison


LH1s Zone vs. LH1 Zone Comparison


CAs Zone vs. CA Zone Comparison


Draft Amendment Bylaw No. 2451.23
(version 2018-02-14)

Direct Notification of property owners: February 15, 2018


Public Hearing

Thursday May 17, 2018 - 9:00 am

101 Martin Street, Penticton

RDOS Board Room

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