What We Do

RDOS curbside and recycling collection

For information about changes to curbside and recycling collection, please visit the project page at rdosregionalconnections.ca or call the RDOS Solid Waste hotline at 250-490-4129.

Solid Waste Division Mission Statement: 

To provide the most effective, efficient and environmentally superior means of managing solid waste reduction, reuse, recovery and refuse disposal by promoting excellence in our customer service, innovation, safety, a respectful work place, integrity and education.

The Solid Waste Department's primary task is to provide service to the community by managing the 5 R’s of Solid Waste Management, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Residual Management. This occurs through education, innovation, and provision of services throughout the Regional District and its member municipalities.

The Solid Waste Division has the following focus areas: 

  1. Solid Waste Management Planning
  2. Managing 3 Landfills (Campbell Mountain, Okanagan Falls, Oliver) and two Transfer Stations (Keremeos and Apex)
  3. Curbside Collection program for rural areas of garbage, recycling, yard waste and large item collection 
  4. Processing the Landfill Waste Disposal Applications for demolition materials 
  5. Illegal Dumping Program
  6. Capital Infrastructure upgrades for solid waste projects
  7. Operations of the Oliver Landfill composting facility
  8. Oliver Landfill heavy equipment operations
  9. Air Quality

Core Values:

  1. Public Education – Help our customers make good choices through education and communication
  2. Customer Service – Our customers are our patrons, member municipalities, Regional District Board and staff and commercial users
  3. Environmental Stewardship – Meeting our environmental goals and reducing environmental impacts by building and operating the best reduction, reuse, recover, and recycling programs available and by ensuring that our landfills have the least amount of environmental impact
  4. Innovation – Develop new methods and means of meeting our environmental goals
  5. Safe, collaborative and good working environment – Ensure that the RDOS is an employer of choice
  6. Respectful environment – for staff and the public through education
  7. Integrity – Our operations will be conducted with the utmost integrity and will warrant public trust
  8. Fiscal Prudence – Provide an efficient, organized and well-thought out service

For Solid Waste questions, please email solidwaste@rdos.bc.ca or call the Solid Waste Hotline at 250-490-4129. Leave a message and it will be responded to within 48 business hours.