Willowbrook Water System
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Willowbrook Water System: Treatment Upgrades

In 2017, the Interior Health Authority (IHA) completed an assessment called a Groundwater at Risk of containing Pathogens (GARP) assessment. The GARP assessment determined that the system is at risk of influence from pathogenic bacteria and viruses and the well may be receiving contaminants from the surrounding area. Based on the results of this assessment, IHA placed the system on a boil water notice until adequate water treatment is inplace.

The original design of the water main system did not provide adequate contact time for the chlorine to disinfect the water prior to reaching the first customer’s connection. To address this issue the Regional District chose to install a new section of water main that will provide the necessary contact time.

In 2019, The Regional District applied for a 100% funded grant to install the new section of water main. Funding for the project was approved in February of 2020 and once notification was received the RDOS immediately begin searching for an engineering firm to provide deisgn and construction services for the project, Associated Engineering was ultimately chosen as the preferred consultant for the project, and completed the design for the new infrastructure.

Grizzly Excavating Ltd. was contracted to construct the new water main in the summer of 2020.

Willowbrook Water System

Following the construction and commissioning of the new water main IHA completed an assessment on the new system and determined the water system has a properly constructed chlorine disinfection system that meets all regulations for single barrier water treatment and on July 29, 2020, the water systems boil water notice was lifted.

Water System Upgrades - 2019 and Future Years

Future projects identified in the master plan will include the installation of a chlorine contact system, improving well head protection measures, expanding/installing a large reservoir, and the looping of dead end water mains.

The Regional District's current priority is focused on providing sufficient treatment that will allow the Boil Water Notice to be lifted for the system. A chlorine dosing system was added in 2018, however to be effective in disinfection, a chlorine contact system is required to extend the contact time of the chlorine before the treated water would reach the first service connection.  With the installation of a chlorine contact time system, the water system will be able to protect against viruses (4-log removal) and bacteria (E. coli, fecal coliforms, and total coliforms).

Funding for the chlorine contact system installation is being provided through an allocation RDOS Electoral Area "C" - Community Works Gas Tax Funds from the Area Director. In August 2019, Associated Engineering started on the design for the Chlorine contact time system with construction planned for early 2020.

Another component being undertaken for the Willowbrook Water System is a hydrological assessment to determine if the GARP status can be downgraded to a GARP (viruses only) status. Once the well is given a GARP (viruses only) designation and the chlorine contact time system is installed, it is anticipated that the Boil Water Notice will be lifted.

Larratt Aquatic began the hydrological assessment in October 2019 and sampling will occur over the next year.  A report detailing a proper classification for the will is expected in a proper classification for the well is expected in late 2020.

June 2020 RDOS Willowbrook Water System Upgrades - Keeping the Community Informed

Water System Upgrades - 2017/2018

In 2018, numerous upgrades were completed in the Willowbrook Water System.  Specifically, communication with the pumphouse and reservoir was installed so the operators can remotely monitor and respond to the system. This $44,000 project was paid for by a grant recieved under the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF) (83%) and the Willowbrook water users (17%).

Other upgrades completed included the installation of a transfer switch for a back up generator, re-siding of the pumphouse building to stop access to the rodents, updated electrical components and installation of a chlorine dosing unit. These costs were 100% paid from the Regionally Significant Gas Tax Program (about $365,000) that became available to share between several small upgrades in the Willowbrook and Sun Valley Water Systems and the Okanagan Falls sewer liftstations.

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2016 Change of Ownership for Willowbrook Water System

In 2016 the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen assumed ownership and took over operations of the Willowbrook Water System. Numerous deficiencies have been identified in the system's infrastructure and a master plan has been prepared to achieve the current standards for drinking water.

The Willowbrook Water System has been on a Boil Water Notice (BWN) since February 10, 2017 when a loss of positive system pressure occurred due to a power outage. Total coliform and background bacteria counts were being found sporadically in samples throughout the distribution system at that time.

Shortly after this BWN was issued, an assessment completed by the Interior Health Authority deemed that the water system source well and ground water were 'Ground Water at Risk of containing Pathogens' (GARP). Due to this classification, disinfection measures must be implemented in order to satisfy the requirements of the Drinking Water Protection Regulation.

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