EOC Update: Upper Park Rill Creek (K52813) wildfire Thursday, August 24, 2023, 8:00 pm

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Current Evacuation Alerts and Orders

All Evacuation ORDERS have been lifted for the Upper Park Rill Creek wildfire. The Evacuation ORDER has been rescinded as of 7:30 pm for all 96 properties along Grand Oro Rd and the Yellow Brick Rd areas. Properties in the area will remain in Evacuation ALERT. Willowbrook Rd in the Yellow Brick Rd area will be opened to traffic.

Due to the Crater Creek wildfire, 13 properties along Ashnola Rd and Ewart Creek Rd remain on Evacuation ORDER.

Evacuation ORDER Rescind for Electoral Areas “C”, “G” and “I” impacted by Upper Park Rill Creek wildfire

Evacuation ALERT for properties Rescinded

You can find information on Evacuation Alerts and Orders at emergency.rdos.bc.ca or enter your address in the Interactive Map.

For the latest updates on wildfires, please visit BCWildfire.ca.

Information on Evacuation ORDERS and ALERTS for both wildfires is provided below.
BC Wildfire – Crater Creek (K52125)

  • Evacuation Alerts: 195 properties
  • Evacuation Orders: 13 properties

BC Wildfire – Upper Park Rill Creek (K52813)

  • Evacuation Alerts: 503 properties

The RDOS EOC is fully staffed and monitoring the Crater Creek (K52125) and Upper Park Rill Creek (K52813) wildfires. The RDOS is collaborating with all local governments and Indigenous communities within the RDOS.

Issued by EOC Director