Okanagan Falls Landfill

CLOSED - Sundays - CLOSED All Statutory Holidays and Boxing Day and CLOSED Saturdays in December, January and February



Hours of Operation

OPEN Monday through Friday: 10:00 am - 1:45 pm

SEASONALLY OPEN Saturdays:  10:00 am - 1:45 pm March to End of November

CLOSED - Saturdays in December, January and February, Sundays, All Statutory Holidays and Boxing Day.

Fees and Charges

Visa, Mastercard, Debit (Bank) Cards and Cash accepted. 

Regulations Bylaw: definitions/rules 

Landfill Fees and Charges Bylaw with definitions in Appendix B

2023 Fees and Charges summary of fee changes to Section 7 RDOS Administered Landfills 

Disposal information: Asbestos, Demolition, Burned Structures, Lead Paint, New Construction - click here

Agricultural Waste - see www.rdos.bc.ca/agriculture 


The Okanagan Falls Sanitary Landfill specializes in Demolition and Construction Waste recycling.

The Okanagan Falls Landfill no longer accepts regular household or business garbage or residential recycling. Residents and businesses should take garbage containing food waste or fruit to the Campbell Mountain Sanitary Landfill. Check in Fees and Charges above for what materials can be accepted.


3751 Allendale Lake Road, Okanagan Falls B.C.  Click here to view online map.


E-mail: solidwaste@rdos.bc.ca

For more information contact Solid Waste Hotline at 250-490-4129 or toll free 1-877-610-3737.

Before you go

  • Remember to tarp all loads or fees will be doubled.
  • Save money if your loads contain separated materials. Check Fees and Charges for items that can be recycled and what items are not allowed in the landfill.
  • The Okanagan Falls Landfill cannot accept food waste or bagged household garbage. These materials should go to the Campbell Mountain Landfill.

Recycling and Composting

Save money and reduce the amount of garbage you generate by separating recyclable or compostable materials from refuse. Review Bylaws above to see what materials can be accepted.

Prohibited (Hazardous) & Controlled Waste

Some types of waste are approved for disposal at the landfill but require special handling and disposal techniques to avoid creating health hazards, nuisances, or environmental pollution. Some waste, including radioactive, biomedical, asbestos, automobiles, slaughterhouse, and other waste is prohibited from disposal at the landfill.

More information: Charges for the Disposal of Controlled Waste