Community Heritage Register

RDOS’ Community Heritage Register is an official list of heritage sites that have formal recognition initiated by communities and endorsed by the RDOS Board.

 A Community Heritage Register:

  • Provides formal recognition for historic places;
  • Must be adopted by a local government resolution;  
  • Is a planning tool, utilized by communities interested in integrating heritage conservation activities into other local government land use planning processes; an
  • Enhances access to grant funding for heritage conservation projects. 

A Community Heritage Register does not:

  • Put a limit on the changes a heritage property owner may make to his or her historic place;
  • Constitute designation or any other type of formal protection of an historic place; an 
  • Create financial liability for the local government.

The benefits of a Community Heritage Register:

  • It enhances the public’s appreciation of the identity and character of the community;
  • It facilitates public access to heritage information; an
  • It provides a tool for determining eligibility for heritage programs and incentives.

Registered Heritage Sites

To view a current list of registered heritage sites, please click here

Heritage Site Nomination Process

Heritage sites are typically first identified by community members and groups. During a RDOS Facilitated worshop,  a Statement of Significance (SoS) is drafted and brought to the RDOS Board for endorsement. Once endorsement is received, the heritage site is forwarded to the BC Heritage Branch where it is listed on the BC Register of Historic Places (BCRHP) and then nominated to the Canadian Register of Historic Places (CRHP).

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