Wood Heating

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  • If you choose to burn, choose to minimize neighborhood pollution by becoming a skilled and efficient burner
  • Only burn clean, dry wood with a moisture content of 20% or less
  • NEVER BURN wood with glue, painted or treated wood, plastics or any garbage or recyclable items
  • For more information on efficient wood stove operation see the Resources and Videos listed below
  • Upgrade your old wood stove or wood insert for a low emission certified CSA-/EPA wood heating appliance



Q & A - Replacing or Buying a Wood Stove or Wood Insert

Guide to Residential Wood Heating

Wood Burning Handbook

Wood Stove Troubleshooting

Chimney Facts

Woodshed Plans (Courtesy of USA EPA)

Wood Heat and Health

Enjoy the Fire Not the Smoke Brochure

About Fireplaces

Best Practices for Fireplace Installation

About Firewood

Don't Burn Household Garbage

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