Emergency Support Services

Emergency Support Services

Emergency Support Services (ESS) is a provincial program delivered by local government to support residents. 

Emergency Support Services (ESS) provides short-term basic assistance to people impacted by natural disasters.

During an emergency event, ESS may be offered to an evacuee for a short period of time.

Supports provided to those eligible are determined by a case-by-case basis. Services may be available for an extended period depending on the emergency and the circumstances of an evacuation.  Typically support is provided for up to 72 hours from the time of the incident.

  • Primary services include temporary lodging, food, clothing, and incidentals (such as toiletries)
  • Specialized services include emotional support, health services (such as first aid), pet care, and transportation

 There are eligibility requirements for emergency support services. For example, if you’re able to support yourself for the first 72 hours of an emergency, you would not be eligible for ESS.

It is recommended when evacuated, even if you do not require services, to register with ESS, this can be done online at ess.gov.bc.ca or in person at a reception center. 

The RDOS ESS Program regularly works with:

-       Animal Lifeline Emergency Response Team

-       Canadian Red Cross

-       Interior Health Authority

-       First Nations Health Authority

-       Health Emergency Management BC

-       RCMP Victim Services

-       Community Integration Specialists through the Ministry of Welfare and Poverty Reduction