Regional Walk and Roll Week

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) recommends Canadians age 18 and older acquire 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. Did you know that the majority of Canadian, even the ones who report being active, do not meet these guide lines? Brisk walking is a great form of moderate exercise; One would receive health benefits by breaking up the recommended 150 minutes a week into 10 minute bouts. Simply put; Walking for 10 minutes two to three times per day is enough exercise to receive amazing health benefits such as reduced blood pressure, risk of osteoporosis, risk of type 2 diabetes, chances of developing heart disease and some forms of cancer. The same amount of walking will also increase your fitness and mental health levels. By committing to walking a minimum of 150 minutes per week you can help raise awareness in your community about the benefits of getting active.
Click here for an easy to use  tracking form! Track your walking through the week!


Regional Walk and Roll Week 2018 is over! Thank you everyone who participated. Check back for May 2019 updates


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