Physical Activity Trailer

Through funding of the Plan H grant, the RDOS has developed a one of a kind Physical Activity Trailer or “PAT”. Focusing on physical literacy, safe play and reduction of sedentary behaviour PAT aims to increase access to recreation. PAT is packed full of great equipment to make recreation and play as easy as 1-2-3!  


Click the map to find out when PAT will be in a community near you

Why PAT?

About 1.5 million British Colombians are classified as inactive, and many of those who report being active do not get enough physical activity to meet the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology recommended activity guidelines and receive health benefits. Barriers to participating in physical activity include the unequal distribution of social and economic resources in some geographic locations, and among population groups. PAT is the solution to reducing barriers to physical activity in areas with limited resources.

How to get involved with PAT?

Visit the link to learn more about how your Organization can help support PAT.

What is Physical Literacy?

PAT's main focus is promoting Physical Literacy through out all ages!

Physical literacy, the ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities, it is key to enjoying lifelong participation in physical activity. Ideally, physical literacy begins in early childhood and is improved across the life course. However, it is not too late for adults to develop physical literacy skills. It can be learned at any age through a variety of activities, including, sport, active recreation, exercise, play and dance.

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